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All of the donations from our community go directly into impacting the lives of our Armenian veterans and soldiers

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No Soldier Left Behind

Veterans of Armenia Foundation seeks to enable everyone around the world to create meaningful impacts in the motherland. We work directly with hospitals and organizations that are taking care of our soldiers and veterans in Armenia and Artsakh.

Pre-War Efforts

We work to strengthen our motherland, helping strengthen the medical infrastructure to be ready for any emergency and providing essential equipment for our troops.

Active Duty

We support our active duty soldiers by organizing and facilitating proper equipment and supply deliveries, working directly to empower troops at our borders.

Post-War Efforts

Our Veterans gave it all for us, so we work to give them back what we can. We work to ensure that all of our veterans get proper medical care, therapy, and opportunities to get back into society.


Our Causes

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Our Veterans Need Us Now More Than Ever.

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Our motto is "No soldier left behind." We work to create a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of all the soldiers and veterans we can.

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Through our Home 4 Heroes Projects, we empower our veterans to take back control of their lives by improving the accessibility of their homes, increasing their mobility and independence.

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Through our strategic partnerships with healthcare facilities, we are able to create opportunity for our soldiers and veterans to have access to great medical care.

every donation helps

Together We Can Make A Difference

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All of the donations from our community go directly into impacting the lives of our Armenian veterans and soldiers. We allow our donors to give to each project specifically or give general donation for Veterans of Armenia Foundation to allocate to our projects.

All donations are used in alignment with our three pillars:

  • Pre-War Efforts
  • Active Duty Support
  • Post-War Efforts
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You can contact us to find out if we have any volunteering opportunities!

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We welcome anyone to hold fundraising efforts for our organization.

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